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Treatment Sessions

Every session is customized and begins with a conversation that sets the intention for the treatment that day. 

I recommend  wearing comfortable clothing, without jewelry or belts.  

Sessions are each about an hour.


Save a little time and bring a completed Client Information Form to your first session.

Your check, cash or card payment is appreciated at the time of your session.

Single Session

1 hr


Stay Tuned Package
(Three Sessions)

1 hr


Elders and Students Package
(Three Sessions)

1 hr


Sound Bath Sundays!

1 hr

$25 each

Notes for After Your Session

Most  people leave their sessions feeling relaxed and grounded.  Some feel invigorated and re-energized. Many clients feel the benefit of a treatment session overnight and into the days following their treatment. 

I suggest having time following a session to rest, relax and further absorb your treatment.  

Drinking more water following your treatment will help your body to remove any toxins released from the tissues during the session.

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